Southeastern University-Florida League of Christian Schools (FLOCS)

ECE Directory - Degrees & Credentials Record

General School Contact Information
Main Campus P.O. Box 24687
Lakeland, FL 33802
Type Training Org
Financial Aid Dept N/A
EC Department Contact Information
Key Contact Email N/A
Phone 863-683-5726 Fax 863-683-9602
Website N/A
Programs Available

T.E.A.C.H. will pay a MAXIMUM of: $150.00 per semester credit for Associate degrees and $375.00 per semester credit for Bachelor degrees.

Type Program Name Awards Awarded on
Class Location Language Cost PFEC* Eligible T.E.A.C.H.
Credential - FL DirectorDirector CredentialCollege Credit0 ECE credits OnlineEnglish$$noYes
Credential - FL StaffStaff Credential (FCCPC)Non-credit120 classroom hoursOnline OR ClassroomEnglish$$noYes
Credential Renew - FL StaffStaff Credential RenewalNon-credit45 classroom hoursOnline OR ClassroomEnglish$$noYes
Credential Renew - FL DirectorDirector Credential RenewalNon-credit45 classroom hoursOnlineEnglish$$noYes

* PFEC - Professional Florida Educator Certificate


Contact: Michael Burroughs @ 1 800-961-9645

School Information
Number of T.E.A.C.H. Early Childhood Scholarships last fiscal year?43