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The Forum takes seriously our responsibility to keep safe all sensitive information about employees at child care sites. To make sure sensitive information is only released to people who should be allowed to view it, Forum policy is that only the director listed on the DCF license will be granted access to a Business Account . You can look up the license on DCF's CARES website. The director listed on the license is called the "Director of Record."

All accounts are subject to the Terms of Use for this website. All information submitted as part of the program's access request is subject to verification, and any access request can be denied at the sole discretion of the Children's Forum.

Accurate and complete information is required for approval of and continued access to a Business Account.

You will need the below information:

  • Program's DCF license number
  • Business license name under which the program operates
  • Contact information for the owner listed on the business license
  • Contact information for the Director of Record. If the current Director is different than listed on CARES, scan the completed
  • 2 different email addresses for the owner and director. (The email address provided for the director will receive all future correspondence).
  • Scan of the Director of Record's

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