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If you are the authorized representative (Director of Record) of a child care program with an active license from the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF), you can establish and request access to a Business Account for that program. The "authorized representative" (Director of Record) for a program's Business Account must be the Director listed on the child care site's official license (Director of Record) as found on DCF's Childcare Administration, Regulation & Enforcement System (CARES) website. The Children's Forum will only grant access to and communicate with this authorized representative (Director of Record) about the Business Account.

All accounts are subject to the Terms of Use for this website. All information submitted as part of the program's access request is subject to verification, and any access request can be denied at the sole discretion of the Children's Forum.

Accurate and complete information is required for approval of and continued access to a Business Account.

You will need copies of the following:

  • Program's DCF license number
  • Business license name under which the program operates
  • Contact information for the owner listed on the business license (
  • Contact information for the Director of Record. If the current Director is different than listed on CARES, scan the completed
  • Scan of the Director of Record's most recent pay stub. If a pay stub is not available, scan the completed
  • Scan of the Director of Record's

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